Meaning of the name Ochieng:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Eastern African
its mean ur a player
it means man of many children
Manuel what does that mean
what dpes my name MEAN
carlie strawser
ur supposed to tell me not me tell you
ooh. The best one you could EVER do is called Jumpies. Basically, its a squat, touch the gronud with your hands, make sure you go ALL the way down. Then jump up. Its self explanatory.When i was getting back into shape for rowing All I did was jumpies, here was my program:set a timer, do 1 minute intervals, but with a twist. Within the first minute, do 30 jumpies non stop. The remaining time you have left for that minute you have as a break. Then do 10 jumpies (a rest) for the next minute. 20 jumpies the next. then 10 again.For example, lets say I do 30 jumpies in 45 seconds. I then have 15 seconds of rest before starting the next. Do this 3-5 times. You should really feel it. You will not be able to walk up stairs with out falling haha. And stretch, and drink protein after so your muscles don't hurt as bad the next day.You should also do ab work. You can do this for your warm up, it only takes about 5-10 minutes but is really helpful.Start with 45-90 s (lay on back, lift legs straight to 90 degrees, lower to 45, and do this 20 times SLOWLY)20 regular crunches (shoulder blades off the gronud)20 bicycles each leg (this one can be googled, or looked up on youtube, but do them SLOWLY)20 scissors (lay on back, legs straight out, lift legs about 6 inches, and raise left leg up to 30-45 degrees, bring it down, then do it to the next one, while keeping legs straight)20 doggies (get in doggy style position, raise left arm with right leg as high as you can)20 super mans (lay on stomach, raise your shoulders and hips (legs and arms off gronud), then lower)20 lex luthers (same as superman, but you hold it up the whole time while raise left arm with right leg and back to start position, repeat)20 leg lifts (put arms next to hips while laying on stomach, palms down, raise the hips off the gronud)20 chest lifts (hold your hands on top of your end, and raise your chest off the gronud)Also, make sure you stretch well. Flexibility will make you a lot better of a rower.You can also do some bicep curls with your dumbbells, but the first 2 things I listed are most important
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