Meaning of the name Ogechukwukama:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Igbo
God's time is the best.
its too long
it means your parents hateee you!
this name mean dhejbgbhhgbfgelkwfjvrekghdhaskfjgwfweet747y48fbjhefhffbdbdmhdfjvbd and jhuhfvfummmghuwoehduia
God's time is the best
I think they ran out of names...
i have a "boy" name (which is actually a nmankcie for Anthony, i was named after my grandfather) - its masculine enough that when my hubs and i started dating, people thought he was spending an inordinate amount of time and going out with some dude every weekend hahai have LOVED having a "boys" name, and think its adorable on little girls. and, i don't think i could be any girlier if i tried (think: pink, pearls, and cardigans) - i definitely would not hesitate having a "boy" name for a future daughterETA: my first name is Toni - i forgot to add that in the first paragraph ha
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