Meaning of the name Olivia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Finnish
ufric stormcloak
O-open girl L- living lifeI- incredible V- visible girlI- independentA- awsome
ulfric stormcloak!
funky,cool and pretty
olvia is someone you would love
Olivia means peace nature and kindness i should know its my name
i hate it when people call me olive and the only time i ever allow anyone to say my name like that is my friend, kathy , and she calls me ollie cuz she cant pronounce my name correctly
it mean smart and funny
Funny, friendly, and smart
I think my name is betifal!I like all animals I LOVElearn!
my name is also olivia i used to hate it but now i like my name the best of all and olivia means olive tree and peace
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