Meaning of the name Olivia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Finnish
ufric stormcloak
ulfric stormcloak!
O-open girl L- living lifeI- incredible V- visible girlI- independentA- awsome
olvia is someone you would love
Well, shes cool,easy to talk to, fun &funny and just someone you can talk to. I know becuz Im an Olivia!:)
My name is Olivia and everybody has told me it means peace, like the olive tree or branch. My initial, coincedentally, are OMG, so it's a perk, too!
I think my name is betifal!I like all animals I LOVElearn!
Olivia means pure piece of fricking awesomeness. PS my name is Olivia
Olivia means Peace of the Olive Tree
Very fun crazy nice girl
My name is Olivia. I hate it.
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