Meaning of the name Olivia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Finnish
ufric stormcloak
ulfric stormcloak!
olvia is someone you would love
O-open girl L- living lifeI- incredible V- visible girlI- independentA- awsome
Olivia means super awesome, super smart, and super trust worthy girl
i think it means that it is a really nice person
my best friends name is Olivia and she is the mos trust worthy person i have ever met i love you olivia
slowmo the homo lives on the streets coz shes a homo XD
i think olivia means awesome girl who loves cutie guys with her best friend savannah and all you biches in the world wach out me and her r coming to get all you lovey guys
Hot loves guys big pillows
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