Meaning of the name Olivia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Italian, Spanish, German, Finnish
ufric stormcloak
ulfric stormcloak!
olvia is someone you would love
O-open girl L- living lifeI- incredible V- visible girlI- independentA- awsome
Well, shes cool,easy to talk to, fun &funny and just someone you can talk to. I know becuz Im an Olivia!:)
Olivia means Peace of the Olive Tree
I think my name is betifal!I like all animals I LOVElearn!
Olivia means pure piece of fricking awesomeness. PS my name is Olivia
My name is Olivia and everybody has told me it means peace, like the olive tree or branch. My initial, coincedentally, are OMG, so it's a perk, too!
olivia is my name and if you dont like it kiss my BLACK rear end
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