Meaning of the name Ora:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
It means either Light, Golden or Life. In Latin it means Light or Golden, and in Polynesian it means Life. Its a boy or girls name.
Means golden or sea
i dont appreshiate ppl saying dumb meanings for that name ORA is my sisters name thank u very much!!!
may God curse the person who wrote such an obsecene meaning to such a beautiful name!!!
both male or female name hard workers
It also means time but in Spanish it's spell Horas
Latin: meaning the orall around you
Ora means what ever the bearer of the names makes of herself. My name is Ora and it means that I'm an A+ student and like to play soccer. Also, it means that I'm 13 and love to read. That is what Ora means for me. Thank-you for reading my meaning of Ora!
To pray
the meaning of Ora means gold
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