Meaning of the name Orlando:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Italian
it means a smart intelligent boy which has smpathy for others. usasually has a beautiful family
i loved him so much he meant everything to me and i never wanted to see him leave but im going to just apply the things he taught me to life and take the positve and make the best out of it and cherish my memories and know that hes in a better place. most important of all im going to stay positive!!
someone who care's about one another and will do anything to make sure you are alright a nice, calm, careing, person.
cute boy and lovely tew
hot totally dog
energetic and very quir
energetic and very quir
Land of gold.Origin:Germany,Spain,ItalyThats my name.
thank youlove you to sista
sweet cute loveyy loving guy that loves you soo much
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