Meaning of the name Otis:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
nice, kind, loveable, laughable, ladies-man
i had a dog named otis, he was a sweet, kind, loveable dog. i loved him very much, till my doped up mom sold him for more gently caressin dope...
a wonderful father.
old; relaxed; hard-worker
My future dog
My Pugs name is otis.
i had a cat named Otis.
my black and white dog
My F-Anais Ho Yan Taylor
An Xbox
Okay, let me set the record straight! Otis means: Intelligent, strong, fierce, blessed, hardworker, financially blessed, and handsome indeed! If you meed an OTIS, and he asks to marry you - you cannot go wrong! he is also a good lover and very gentle with his woman. You will never want for anything for all the days of your life! Run to the alter not walk!!!!!!! He won't stay single for long.
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