Meaning of the name Panda:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Rare)
Awww... Pandas are so cute!!
a cute animal that looks like a bear
im going to name my son panda! maybe he will be chunky then he will look like a real panda bear! or like cole and his round face and chunky everywhere and has weird eyes and makes funny noises
My dog is named Panda! Panda actually means Big tough bear.. (Daing xa maio?) In Chinese! I love my dog panda!
what does a panda bear means
is a random quierbait
I was named panda 56yrs.
Cute animals that are getting extinct. My friend calls me mandate lands. I don't lyk it but I just go with it so I don't hurt her feelings. I actually think it kinds mute. Lolz
i dont know what this mean i need help
I was name panda corrin hawk same56yr.
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