Meaning of the name Paul:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, French, German, Dutch, Scandinavian, Romanian, Biblical
Paul means "little big man."meaning while you may only stand around 6ft you still pack a hell of a punch.Also while you may put on like you are cold blooded and careless.You have a side that is soft careing and full of love.And fall in love easily.But have a Deep hate for anyone with authority or anyone who thinks they have authority over you.But at the same time you are a good man who will do anything you can for a loved one or a person in need.
Paul means you are the strongest dude in your area who is alwys in love and is the hottest in the world it means your happy
Paul is me.
I'm 6'6 and weigh about 270. No way the name means small.
someone who has the biggest dog in the world
Awesome and vert. Athletic
Paul is the best dad in the world!!!
Summer B.'s love god
I heard he's quite the bunner.
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