Meaning of the name Paula:
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Gender: Female
Usage: German, English, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, Dutch, Scandinavian, Ancient Roman
a graceful and smart girl i think
great person! and there aint no lie about it!
Paula means beautiful, kind hearted, sweet, a wonderful person to be around! Great mimi to kids spoils every person she can and is loved by many people in the world ~love ya!!~
my mom is cool ;)
Freakin Cool :>
You are beautiful with your own style. You are incredibly indipendent, but sometimes you don't listen to people enough. You are smart and know what is best for yourself. You are strong and sporty and sometimes you enjoy being tough like 'one of the boys'. X
my name is paula to
tht is my moms middle name i think it is pretty
wise and nice
Someone says her name is Paula... could that be my mom? :P
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