Meaning of the name Quincy:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
someone who loves and caresSomeone tough and active,and loveablesomeone who never gives up on what they have to accomplish someone wild yet quiet and calmsomeone who will take care of you
At 12:00 tonight u will die if u don't say (12345678910) five-teen hundred times
a little cousin who is an anoying little brat
I am a girl, my name is Quincy, and I am named after my Great-Grandfather John Quincy Adams. I am responsible and loving, the same as my Great-Grandfather... so that is what I think it means, but that could be just for my family. :)
A F ucking idiot who freaking hates filipinos
Quincy is my BFF
Well i'm a girl and my names quincy. So, yeah :)
Very good looking man who often times gets so intoxicated he urinates is own bed, often times he does this with a woman laying next to him that he just violated
Most help articles on the web are incaucrate or incoherent. Not this!
Lol I'm just kidding;))
A boss. >_>
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