Meaning of the name Rachel:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Hebrew, French, German, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew
Rachel=the bestest friend ever that never stops smiling. She is happy 95.9% of the time. No one can hate Rachel because she's silly and lovable.
I have a Rachel as my best friend...she is caring, kind, funny, a genius, and the best friend I could ever ask for...she's like a sister to me :], that's what all Rachel's should aspire to be ^^!!
Rachel is awsome!!!
a loyal person
Rachel is my BFFL!!!!! shes awesome!
rachel means innocent lamb
its my name!!!! and i luv it
rachel is awesome!!! she is my best friend
God of Kindness
i no wat my name means it mean a little lamb and please dont right bad things it hurts my feelings
Rachel is one of the worst friends I've ever had! She never stops talking behind people's back. I don't see why not very many people hate Rachel because she's honestly a "female dog" (if you know what I mean!). She is a traitor. She's "mad", "grumpy", "sad", "depressed", "complaining", 65% of the time and happy 35% of the time.A Rachel is one if my friends and she is "caring" in a fake way, a little nice, has a small sense of humor, and overall.. A terrible friend. She treats me like crap sometimes kindof scares me! ~
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