Meaning of the name Rachna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Indian
Rachna means creation
Creation, and beatuiful.
It means you people must be jealous of a wonderful creation because of the harsh comments!!! They can come to America because they are as beautiful as they think they are!!!!!
It means divine creation and that thew are very beautiful
im from America, and i think they should be welcome! all people are created equal and certain unalienable rights, listed in the conspillowution istself. I like the name rachna, it does means beatiful or divine creation (kinda same thing if you ask me)and i think the name itself is beautiful!
OESGIx Major thankies for the article post. Much obliged.
Super jazzed about gteitng that know-how.
It means that you have a weird name and NEVER go to America :)
it means that u live in a mess up mom
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