Meaning of the name Rae:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
cuteness and love...=)
this is my middle name!
it means little dear, and also a ray of light
Beautiful ; AMAZING
crazy, hyper
Rae is such a sweet name!
shoot i love my first MIDDLE and last name! i dont care what anyone thinks cuse its all beautiful!
i love my middle name!!!!!!(=
my nickname is RaeRae:)
Rae is my middle name, my mom calls me her Rae of sunshine and thats what everyone is! Enjoy the name Rae Everyone!
rae is a really special, i got the name from my gran-dad that died right before i was born! he died in a car accident. a never got to see him in person only in pictures but having his name, really makes me feel blessed and like he is my angel!!
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