Meaning of the name Rahab:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Biblical
Loved one. Dont listen to that person that wrote "unloved." It means kind, caring and LOVED.
woman, tramp, Scarlett,unloved by everyone even you incubators.
oopsie typo i meant to say secret prear endion for the balloon thing. i hope you enjoyed my smartness and learned something from this lesson young grrear endhoppers of this dyabolical generation.
All of you are wrong. actually according to many studies and statistcs which have been stated by the Scandinavian Society of Name Meanings or S.S.N.M. this name actually translates to a spiteful person with a knack for tapping out the morse code and also has a secret prear endion for drawing cartoon balloons named henry. (ps. I have a PhD in name meanings so deal with it) mwhahahahaha!!!
woman, tramp, Scarlett, Jezebel,unloved by everyone even your incubators.
means the person in the bible who over came so many obsticles and was a gift from the lord a pperson who always kapt fighting and never gave up
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