Meaning of the name Rain:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English (Rare)
gentle, kindness, and sometimes much sorrow is what this name is blessed with
Warm, wet and wild!
keeps up mess always thinks they are right and that things should always go their way
Nachure godess
elizah rain
das my name suka
i love my name its so kool but i get teased so ya
Bestestest namee evvvveeeerrrr!!!!!!!!
Agasga or rain in english is a sweet person that u can always love no mater what. and seens my bros name is Agasga(ones again meening Rain) he is all of thows thing. Love ya bro!!!!!!!!!
A girl that is kind and caring, she can be shy and timid sometimes but once you get to know her she is very kind and energetic
Rain is actually my middle name,I am glad of that.My Maw Maw loves that middle name so she calls me Rainy. I'm not bothered by that because I love God, mother nature,and animals.Speaking of animals, my biggest dream is to become an animal rescuer and to run my own animal shelter business, but all with my best friend Mary.
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