Meaning of the name Randall:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
a man how would go to war with any one who threatens his family or friends and stands up for the little guy.
Courageous and very hard-working trying to do every thing he can to make people happy with him and a good person to hit up for cash (my grandpas name is randall)
a hard worker. is determind to make things right. athletic,smart,funny,tall,outgoing,and very very cute(:
The one person in the group that in a life or death situation comes out of nowhere and save the day. Who also is willing to sacrifice himself for even two other strangers he does not know. The man who is not forgotten by anyone who crosses paths with this whole hearted being.
It means he only loves you very much and he is a good friend for my life
It can be a girl's name too!! And for girls i think it means strong, smart, serious, happy, friendly, kind :)
brave,smart,funny because my bro name is Randall and grandpa's name too
Willing to do anything for you
martial artist
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