Meaning of the name Randy:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
Smart, HOT!, funny, senstive, and the Best Person You WILL EVER MEET
Randy is wrestler
Randy; the name randy may also mean house wolf- taken from the native american language centries ago. Inturpretation loosly meaning, man of the house or a stature of power. The name Randy may also mean to physically become excited in a loveual connotation. EX/. Do I make you RANDY, baby? Quoted from Austin Powers.
sportsy and a smart alick
It means that the person is really nice their there you see them and you kinda admire them ,but you never have the chance to tell him how you really feel.Randy is in my clrear end and he ad for a good guy either I bet he knows how to treat a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sensitive and caring
have a soft hrart :)
My brother is funny + he's torter +he's CRAZY!CRAZY! I tell U!CRAZY!:O
what does the anme mean
my ex boyfriend that i love (:
randys my nic name cool dud
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