Meaning of the name Randy:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
Smart, HOT!, funny, senstive, and the Best Person You WILL EVER MEET
have a soft hrart :)
sportsy and a smart alick
Randy; the name randy may also mean house wolf- taken from the native american language centries ago. Inturpretation loosly meaning, man of the house or a stature of power. The name Randy may also mean to physically become excited in a loveual connotation. EX/. Do I make you RANDY, baby? Quoted from Austin Powers.
My cousin randy is a pro wrestler for the wwe
Egotistical rear end
An attorney that make no money and lives off his girlfriend
egotistical a**
[ 2 syll. ran-dy, ra-ndy ] The baby boy name Randy is sometimes used as a girl name. Its pronunciation is RAENDiy- . Randy is used chiefly in the English language, and its origin is Old Greek and Germanic. The name evolved form the pet forms of other names. It has been adopted by English speakers as an independent name, despite the rear endociation with the slang 'randy' meaning 'lusty'.In addition, Randy is a diminutive form of the name Andrew (English, Greek, and Russian) in the English language
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