Meaning of the name Raymond:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, French
Raymond means: Somebody who is loved and cared about. He's someone for others to look up to, and he grows up faster then he should have to. He loves others, and makes people happy.
a loved person
it means soft, sweet, can be mean at times, handsome, awesome
Raymond means Noble Guardian
Raymond means : Ray is king and mond is world. Thus Raymond means King of the World.
one of the smarter kind of men
being loved by a lot of girls
smart, tall, stands up to friends(that's my name and that's my personality:P)
the coolest guy in the world always awesome no matter what
Wise and Humble
RAYMOND!!! is such an amazing name!!! i love that name!!Maybe because the guy i like his name is RAYMOND!! best name ever!!:)
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