Meaning of the name Reanna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
My Lil girl's name is Reanna and I lovit she is the only Reanna I know I thought I had made it up =)
um aaawwwwweeeeeesssoommmme beautiful cool outgoing great acctress and oh yea my bfffffl
yaaahh my name is reanna!!!! ive never heard of any one else who has the same name. surprised that so many do!!! apparently it means like goddess and nymph wich is a water godess.
Mu name is Reanna and I think my name is scary, cuz barely anyone else has it... ^_^
yall r dumb reanna means a few things in welsh it means nymph or goddess in hebrew it means gracious and in celtic it means gracious stream or brooke
Outgoing and loud and not shy at all she is cool and fun but sometimes a wee bit obnoxious
my name is reanna and i think that my name is pretty and it means a brave girl........and it means that it is not a freak:)
everyone luvs my name!
my name is Reanna!! im glad other people have it because i didnt think anyone else had the same name as me
my name is Reanna and I absolutely LOVE this name
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