Meaning of the name Rébecca:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French
rebecca means beauty with a strong will
Rebecca in the bible means peace maker. She is a leader and she has beauty and knowledge. She is know to be God's servant and she is very loyal.48:vote up - 3:vote downrebecca means warrior who will fight for what she belives in and couldnt care less about what anyone else thought of her39:vote up - 3:vote
Im Rebecca and I do have blue eyes and blonde hair people say im very pretty and smart so this name is a perfect fit! (:
my friend becca grisso (rebecca) is an amazing person. at first we didnt hit it off...but over time she became more soft and no so much wanting to beat my rear end...but we are now friends, she is beautiful. and super nice.(: love you becca. ~Taylor Marie.
This is awkward, I'm atheist.
This name means AWESOME!!!
I have a sister named Rebecca and she has brown hair and brown eyes like me.
this is my name and i have brown eyes and i always win a battle. just like all the other rebeccas out there....... right? im shy too and i go to church
most rebeccas actually don't HAVE BROWN EYES!!!!!mINE ARE BLUE AND THATS MY NAME
MY name is Rebecca, i have hazel-green eyes. People say I'm smart, and I won't back down, no matter what people say about me, so i guess the name fits
she is a ffuucckkiinngg bbiittcchh!!!
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