Meaning of the name Rebecca:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Italian, Swedish, Biblical, Biblical Latin
Rebecca in the bible means peace maker. She is a leader and she has beauty and knowledge. She is know to be God's servant and she is very loyal.
rebecca means warrior who will fight for what she belives in and couldnt care less about what anyone else thought of her
Rebecca is a peace maker. She is a leader, she has beauty and is very creative, smart, has a great imagination, knows what she wants,she gets what she wants, very wealthy, won't let anything get in her way, is very loyal, god's servant.She will fight for what she believes is right , beautiful, great, funny, a little annoying, and a goddess of everything awesome, fun and loving, the greatest person in the world, she will be nice to everyone and last but not least a girly girl OR sporty.
beautiful, great, funny, a little annoying, and goddess
beautiful, great, funny, a little annoying, and goddes
the greatest person in the world
She is funny nice a little crazy and will defend her friends an family. She is respectful and trustworthy. She is the best friend to have. She is very sporty and fun. If any one says something bad about her I will find you and.......
a biblical name. the symbol of domestic virtue. a complex, exciting and unpredictable person. she posses a shrewd and clever mind.
A great peron who fights for what she belives in. Smart, funny, musical, and funny.
It is in the bible, the story rebecca at the well, she was there and so was a man trying to find a wife for his master's son. He had prayed about it, and when he met rebecca, he knew she was the one ment for his master's son.
Rebecca means beauty, peacemaker, joyful, and fun. It means short but strong, fearless, and talent. Girly and sporty at the same time. Funny, and creative. Curious, and open. Dramatic, but annoying at times.
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