Meaning of the name Regina:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Italian, Polish, German, Scandinavian, Late Roman
a queen.
Beautiful, fabulous,and glamorous now THAT is what the name regina means
awesome person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
shez a person that yuh can trust
she is vary lovalbe just like me
That she is a geart friend
Regina means Queen. No affiliation with evil.comes from the latin root, "regare" or "regan"
my little sister's name is Regin and it means little queen trust me i would know she definatly acts like one
Regina means a very smart and short lady but loves her grand childeren!im one of her grand child!
My bestie and sister!!!
I Knoee What This name Meannss, ;)It meanns Queen Duhh. ?! end its All aboutt Taylorgangg
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