Meaning of the name Reginald:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
reginald means a kind person who always satisfies people thats my daddy name n he is jus lik dat
the almost the best dad in the world:(
i no a guy his name is reginald but we call him RJ he is funny and nice and weird and doesnt like to get hit with water bottles
Funny little flipino boy whoes is kinda black hangs out with girls but is not happy and smiles alot
A fun loving father who is caring and does fun things with them that no other dad can think of.
King Like and awe inspiring!
reginald means boss thats it boi !!!
also he's a ninja
reginald is a lovine dad and will die for anyone under his age and hes not mature until hes 20 - reginald bell
Reginald means suck my mother loving dog and slap this girls rear end and lick those pillows until they as clean as siap
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