Meaning of the name Rémy:
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Gender: Male
Usage: French
intelligent, true, responsible, and thoughtful!!!
if ur names remy vote up!
my best friend is named Remy and she is awesome and so unique!!!!!!!!!!!
remy is thoughtful, kind, loving, chatty, bubbly, helpful, cheeky and adorable! its the beast name in the world!!!!!!!!!!!
My name is remy and I'm a girl too!
Ima boy and my name is remy
The name means you are an awesome rat my name is Remy
Helpful and Supportive
my name is remy too! high five for the girl who's names is also remy.
there is a girl who is but then again my dog is named remy and he is a male
an ugly fine person that cant keep her hands of other girls boy friends
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