Meaning of the name Ren:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Japanese
It means Lotus or Love... I apologize to boys with that name.
Dam, my middle name is Ren, wait till I tell my friends
A Ren with no problems is aperfect Ren and perfect leads to power
Really, I don't feel to bad about being called Ren, or love, or lotus so really I'm still cool
heehee mi boyfriends name is ren and hes so hott, funny, sweet, and an amazing surfer. hes SOOOOOOO lovey
Ren sounds like a shy boy (or girl)that has a hurt heart and mostly adorable, or can be Sadistic and Callous
wait... kick a$$
it meen da #0
Ren is the righteous, eternal, and name
Wow, I'm a girl. And my nickname is Ren. LOL!!! My full name is Lauren but Ren is way cooler! And it's ok for a girl to have a boy name. ;)
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