Meaning of the name Renée:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French, Dutch
a georgeous woman that cherishes her family and her feelings. loves babies and is a GREATTTT mother and friend to everyone
Renee means a vry beautiful woman that is nice, genorus and will not put up with crap.
she is beuatiful
that shes the most beautiful person in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a very nice best friend i will be with her forever
Reborn, renewed
a beautiful women thant is fun and awesome
A True Friend....
Bi polar and will hurt anyone if they say anything out of the way to her
My name is Renee and I get made fun of for it but reading these made me giggle and I realize, I'm special in my own way, daring, funny, kind, sensitive to others, wild, and just beautiful, just the way I am. Thank you for showing me the light
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