Meaning of the name Rhian:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Welsh
Magic Maiden
Of Welsh origin mean Monarch(King or Queen)
No!! My sisters name is Rhian and she is a little jot tempered but she brings out many sentimental values. I love her for that.
Of Welsh origin meaning Monarch(King or Queen)
Rhiannon is the best. Person .everr zoo everyone can stuf there mouths
lovely maiden
Rhian... a beautiful girl who has a firey temper... matching her ginger hair!!! i love gingers so it's all gravy. love this girl!! she can get any guy she wants but always puts herself down. lets get our drink onnnnnn.
THE BEST PERSON EVA! she id stunning xlove you rhian deasy xxx best friend x
They are very cool x
THE BEST PERSON EVA! she is stunning xlove you rhian deasy xxx best friend x
A sweet and kind girl. Sometimes can lose her temper. Is involved with many accidents. Not the brightest person in the world but very pretty, get's all the boys but they break her heart
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