Meaning of the name Rhonda:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
rhonda is amazimg
Rhonda... my mom is soooo awesome and i love her sooo much!! go MOM!!
Rhonda is such an amazing friend(: She is very prettyy and is very truthful... She dont gently caress around wit imature bullshyt sssooo back da gently caress off if yaa gonnaa act gently caressn dumb cuz it aint kute. Rhonda is my best friend and I wuld do anything for her and I know shuld wuld do the samee... i loooooovvvvveeee youuuuuuu rhondaaaa(:
Rhonda is a freaken awesome gurl!!!
l ove my rhonda
rhonda has nothing bad about her she is he best gurl in the world nd she will always be my gurl...
Same thing that the girl above me said.. she is a great mom epecially dealing with 4 kids!!
rhonda is my mom but also my best freind. i know that she will always be her fo me and i can tell her anything i want to.
Rhonda is strong, powerful, and independent. She attracts all good things, people, and love. Her heart is warm, loving and filled with love, kindness, and prear endion. When Rhondalloves
Only pretty girls are named Rhonda....:)
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