Meaning of the name Riley:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
Crazy, energenic, awesome, rocks, funny, and well... Rileyish!
I have heard that riley means brave
Cool, nice, and funny
Freaking awesome! 7
cute adorible and awesome my sisters name is riley and i think if people dont like the name riley then i dont like there taste in names
cute and awesome
riley means increadebly cute and awsome @ everything i know thats my bfs name
my name is ryle im a girl and all my friends think i am funny and crazy!
An awesome person who is an excellent actress and singer who is crazy (in a good way), funny, caring, hyper and cute.
It means valiant
it means courageous cute funny cind artistic awesome amazing pretty athletic brave outgoing and down right beast!!!!!! every one who has the name Riley is crazy beautiful!or handsome if u r a guy!
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