Meaning of the name Robert:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, French, Scandinavian, German, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Russian, Slovene, Croatian, Romanian, Ancient Germanic
a sweet guy that cares about who he loves.
Robert = Boss
A loving, caring person
An awesome legend
NOT justin bieber LOVER!!!!!
brilliant fame that illuminates truth,man who brings the truth to light
bright flame
You all need to find God and keep in your heart once you do. This is a space for mature people to share their intimate and sentimental meanings of their loved ones names, not a space to talk ignorantly and to air your personal business. Grace and peace to you all. Blessings.
A utter legend!!
Robert means "Bright Fame", or success in life. Most people named Robert are either famous or very well liked. I am a Robert myself, and so is my grandfather. He has published a whole book, and I am progressing in Martial Arts. Success.
a snob
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