Meaning of the name Robin:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
intelligence bright,shining
a mind of deep thoughts
Yor Super Funny !
It means u are the most freakin awesome gorgeous person in da world!!!
have amazing skillz
A beutiful girl
wonderful , special ,bird of wonderment
Robin means ur rebellious and awesome
Nice girl really sweet
MY Mom!!!!!
Robin means that you are good at technical thoughts,You are responsible, and have a practical nature.You work best where you have the time to do a good job. Art,Science,Social and Math is where you seem to excel the most. Robin means to be graceful and clever.It also means to be quite funny. your self confidence is extremely well,you rebel at being rushed or put under pressure. You have many talents, some you have not found. you are artistic and musical,and you hate to have people saying rude things about you and other people.
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