Meaning of the name Rochelle:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
strong and tough and nice
Cute loves boys
i abosulty love my name "ROCHELLE" and my mom got it from a little town in france named "La Rochelle" and people at school they tell me every time that they love my name like kids in my clrear end that i dont even know come up to me and tell me that they love my name and i personaly think that my name is very unique and my hole life i have never met anyone with that name so i RELLY LOVE MY NAME SOO MUCH!!!!
smart, crazy, different in goods ways honest and her own little person
the beautiful on with a nice rear end
present of light or sumen
Very beautiful, intelligent, wonderful girl!!!!!
rochelle b.the nicest peson i know she is very caring with a soft voice
Rochelle means smart,funny,independent,social,kind,caring,helpful,loving and good lookin
my name means rock or female sheep i dont know
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