Meaning of the name Ronald:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Scottish, English
Ronald mean a smart,clever,intelegence,handsome,cute,and nice person...................143-Ronald
king or ruler with council
nice smile
HE is A Good Guy
my grandpas name is ronald so if u no wat i mean their very loyal and sweet and nice
Ronald Weasley is AMAZING guy! He has major flaws but in the end he always chooses right. I
My grandpa name is that he have a nice smile & hes cool
Ronald means a guy who has a great smile, smart, nice, good looking, and loves basketball.
always thinks its a conspricy going on towards or someone is talking of him
it is mt husbands name and father in laws....on my husbands part it really does mean lovesi, loving, and yes he trys to be the king and the ruler! lol
Ronald means smart,cute,and handsome-Lindsay Potter
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