Meaning of the name Rose:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, French
Roses are very smart,sweet,sensitive, and dangerous,too. These young ladies have a lot of forgiveness and energy and power!
Sweet but mishcevous
A beautiful girl
Beutiful, nice, good natured, and always happy
My middle name is Rose...
Rose= Everything good
rose means nice sensitive and beautiful
my best friend! A flirtatious, HDBF loving, random, a bit sick minded, funny, and a bit conceited but in a good way that menas she can stand up for herself
Beautiful, soft, frgile like the flower. Loses its pedals (gets new ideas easily, and leaves the old behind) Quick and clever
Sweet, a little shy, but confident
its a name for a beautiful young girl with lotts of potential and can one day become a leader and not a follower going to name my dauter rose no matter what so gently caress you all who say its going to be a bad name or she going to be ugly because whoever talks need to cleen thier mouth because thier talking brown
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