Meaning of the name Rowan:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Irish, English (Modern)
Rowan is a Strong powerful beautiful name!
The gently caress. ROWAN is an olde name of the Tree, used to mean strong and unbending.
rowan is a tree that blooms with berries maade into sweet jams and jellys
a smart,energetic,curious person who loves to talk and socialize with others
rowan means a type of tree that blooms berries made into sweet jams and jellys
Goog runner:)
In Irish (I think) it means 'little red haired' one. Another meaning is Montain Ash, which is the tree that everyone is talking about. X
kierstens hot boyfriend
Rowan is a amazing name for an amazing girl!!!
rowan means tree with orange and red berry like fruits
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