Meaning of the name Rowan:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Irish, English (Modern)
The gently caress. ROWAN is an olde name of the Tree, used to mean strong and unbending.
Rowan is a Strong powerful beautiful name!
rowan is a tree that blooms with berries maade into sweet jams and jellys
a smart,energetic,curious person who loves to talk and socialize with others
rowan means a type of tree that blooms berries made into sweet jams and jellys
In Irish (I think) it means 'little red haired' one. Another meaning is Montain Ash, which is the tree that everyone is talking about. X
Rowan is the name of a tree used for protection. When the branches are woven together in a circle on the tree, It's a religious sign of protection. Rowan is also my name and I love it.
rowan means tree with orange and red berry like fruits
It means tree long and narrow, pronounced row(like a argument)-Anne for a girl and row(like rowing a boat)-in
it is a type of tree that produces red flowers
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