Meaning of the name Sable:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
My name is sable. and i was told it means. Of the night.
my name is sable it means intelligent and pretty
Sable is also my name. It means: third born child, it's the name a fur, and it's also a shade of broan.
One of the finest and richest in black color fur coats
it means light of the worldv no one makes fiun of my name
Sable was my puggle's name. So pretty. It is a shade of brown and anyone with that name is very lovable. Content, patient, friendly
MY NAME IS SABLE fine person
really nice caring and loveable person
Sable IS My BEST FRIENDS Nameeee.!!!!!!
Hi Amber, Thanks and you inspire me too. I alwyas want to get back to figurative work after I see your work.Steve, Both are good bits of advice I think. However, I think you fit into both categories, not just one.Meno, That's about how much both of ours cost too. We alwyas thought we'd get new ones, or I would anyway, but it's pretty low on the list. Besides the original one has all of the meaning. I will update on the $200 dollar brush on Thursday.
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