Meaning of the name Sabrina:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Italian, German
sabrina means beautiful young girl who can care about many things but can be very distractful and may argue until she gets her way. or wise listener who knows many things inside her staight mind.
A beautiful strong female
beautiful , flirt , popular , independent , strong
beautiful, full of life, down to earth, anything a guy would ever want
smart and intelligent has abig heart and is thefirst oneto put there self in what ever they hav for her
Sabrina means someone who can, who can go through hell with a smile on her face just to show the enemy it aint over. I Love You my Sabrina J. Your name means everything to me because it belongs to you.
it means a beautiful young women whos very attracctive
Sabrina means a princess
sabrina means a good friend...... nothing more
a girl who would do anything for someone not to hate her
someone who is very beautiful and attractive and some one who guys wud die for but is sometimes confused by her own self just by trying to study and comprehend her own self and own life....the reason y i kno so much is bcuz am a sabrina.....
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