Meaning of the name Sadaf:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Arabic
like pearls the people who has this name is soft as pearls
Egypt god name. SADAF also...... 500
pearls the real love gems
the shell that produces the pearl (Lulu)
i'm persian , and my name is sadaf , i don't think it's arabic , it's persian :D
Pearl and that person is pure hearted and
oysters that create real pearls
like pearl, the person who has this name is beautiful and pale plus kind hearted too. p.s my name is Sadaf Lujee it's the best name!p.s.s most of the arabic girl's names are sadaf, so that means it is 90% arabic
like pearl the people who has this name is kind and pure hearted and beautiful like pearls
sadaf means my sister singing to me love sadaf
Is very beautiful and kind and pure hearted
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