Meaning of the name Sadie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
nice,carring,loving person
Sadie means amazing, beautiful, and is super hilarious. She is a great friend and has a funny sense of humar.
Sadie means princess :) or lady
It was made from the name, Sarah. Sarah means princess, Sadie means the same thing.
It means princess. :) but..i don't think a am one. i match alot of definitions above though!
Noble valiant
Amazing. Pretty. Princess. Lady. Kind and funny
sadie means crazy psycho and creppy but i still lover her non homo
Means princess its nice if u dont like it then go stick your head in a toilit cause thats my dogs name got it :l
Sadie? Sadie Kane?
Hey my name is Sadie Lynn. I am very athletic very popular and at this moment very bored! haha. I'm 14 and I live in Georgia! Sadie is not a very common name and I only know two people with it! I am very outgoing and not scared to talk to anybody! I have tons of friends my best friend is probably Morgan I love her to death but sh eis nothing like me. we both play sports and are tall. but she is pale blonde hair blue eyed where i am tan brownish blonde hair and brown eyed. I might not be blonde but i act it! I have the best boyfriend ever! and the coolest house ever! my parents are VERY rich and I visit cali a lot because i have a beach house down there. as of right now I just got done packing to go to Hawaii! :D I go to a private school and I love it! Softball is my favorite sport but i play basketball and soccer too! I am also on a swim team and I do some gymnastics! I love my life and i couldnt ask for anything more! I'm not stuck up even though it may seem that way but I had to put this on here because... well long story anyway I was supposed to end this with "i like big bananas with whip cream.." so... I like big bananas with whip cream! (;
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