Meaning of the name Sadie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
nice,carring,loving person
Sadie means amazing, beautiful, and is super hilarious. She is a great friend and has a funny sense of humar.
Sadie means princess :) or lady
It was made from the name, Sarah. Sarah means princess, Sadie means the same thing.
It means princess. :) but..i don't think a am one. i match alot of definitions above though!
My name is off of a song loveY sadie
Noble valiant
sadie means crazy psycho and creppy but i still lover her non homo
Means princess its nice if u dont like it then go stick your head in a toilit cause thats my dogs name got it :l
Sadie means princess. Sadie comes from the name Sarah.
Sadie is spelled in many ways like Sadee and it still means the same thing princess which came from the greek language
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