Meaning of the name Saffron:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Rare)
The name saffron means beautiful not girl so shut it
she is a warm hearted person who loves to help and talk to everyone. everyone loves her as a person and all the boys fancy her but they don't show it as they are scared of her rejection.she can be shy at first but once she gets to know you she is funny and bubbly and everyone loves her cuteness. she is smart and intelligent and is going to have a wonderful life. all her dreams will come true.
it is a really chep spice
Its a type of spice
Rather fashionably, and prefers to use rather extensive words, not to mention she is a natural leader and likes to bake.
is the most beautiful girl on earth and no one can compete with her. she may not have a boyfriend in her childhood but when shes older all the boys will chase her
My name is Saffron and everyone calls me Ginger, they are both spices
I guess this person loves saffron(saffron is a gem).
i like my best friends name saffron she is very funny pretty and has got a very nice smile
Its a spice... :S
Well this woman's got style
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