Meaning of the name Sammy:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
Sammy is the awesomest person in the universe. Oh and that guy who said that Sammy is going to run out in traffic and die in a hole is stupid.
Sammy means cute,athletic, shy, great sense of humor
This name means nice, sweet, awesome, amazing, cute, cool, a good friend, smart, outgoing, confident, a great person, loving, and funny !!!! c:
weird but awesome
Hi I love the name SammyBtw it's my name
sammy is happy as a happy
Sammy mean loveii and AWESOME
That you are awesome, kind and srear endy. You are sometimes rude and annoying but everyone still loves you! ;)
hay dummy from siara
help me he is my brother
my name is sammy
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