Meaning of the name Sariah:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Mormon
it means princess of the lord because it's in the book of morman or the bible
my name is spelled saria and i still say it like it has and h on the end and i am pretty sure it is the same thing
My name is spelled Saria and pronounced like it has an h @da end....would this meaning still apply lol...jus curious
Darn it people, don't you guys know ANYTHING???Sariah means princess of the lord!!! GO MORMONS!!!!!!!!!!
Darn it, people! Sariah means 'princess of the Lord' and that's all it's ever gonna mean! DONT YOU GUYS KNOW ANYTHING??? My name is sariah and i am mormon and mormons believe in the true church of jesus christ!!!
the name sariah means princess of the lord or of God
a little slow but a good friend
Sariahs around the world RULE!!!
Thanks a lot but what you say is what you are -Sariah the mormon P.S. dont drink coffee it is bad for u
you fine person you better change you name because im naming my daugter that
There is this girl i know named Sariah or Saria, and she is so mean. She's plain out made fun of me. I'm sorry, not all people named Sariah or Saria are mean, I never judge by names and I think it is wrong! So all of you just quit being so judgmental and focus on yourself a little more.
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