Meaning of the name Sasha:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Russian
well my name is Sashia yea with and I, so i heard from random people that it means Alexandria in russian, and yep. am i still a protector with an I or what?
sash means beautiful a bit bossy and strict but is very caring
hi my name is Sasha and my name means protector of men! im a brown haired and im super friendly!
hi my name is Sasha! i have dark brown hair, glrear endes(that does not mean im geeky!), i am short, im in 7th grade, and i only know that my name means mans' defender.
Sasha is protector, as I've read before, but the name in the way my mom described it was feisty. She thought of it, not as just a word but a likeness. Oddly enough it was to rhyme with Mufasa... Yes the lion. So in all the name Sasha has truly no meaning. Sasha is just a word, the one who give it meaning is you. It may describe another word like protector, but in reality you give it your own meaning, because I don't want to protect man kind, and I won't. Won't protect man either. It is just a word, until you make it something different and fitting to yourself.
Hi,my name is Sasha( obviously) and im a blonde. Lots of people think just because I'm blonde I'm stupid bit not really because I have a 92.49 average. Sasha means the protector of man-kind and I actually kinda like that. It's actually kinda funny cause as a joke my friends say come here im getting bullied by Jerry or someone and of course me the PROTECTER of man kind comes and rescues them. Lol well so I love puppies,I hate sushi,and I love to dance, ohh and I also play the piano
Lovely and can always be trusted
Hi my name is Sasha & I have brown/black hair I am mixed with arabian and black . I am a girl .
hi! my name is sasha and I believe it means protector of men wich makes perfect sense because I am a female archer and am wiser then most boys I know
Hellllooo Sasha is my name and it means defender of mankind and it is kinda unfit for me because I dudes get me mad and I feel like punching them.
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