Meaning of the name Sasha:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Russian
well my name is Sashia yea with and I, so i heard from random people that it means Alexandria in russian, and yep. am i still a protector with an I or what?
sash means beautiful a bit bossy and strict but is very caring
hi my name is Sasha! i have dark brown hair, glrear endes(that does not mean im geeky!), i am short, im in 7th grade, and i only know that my name means mans' defender.
hi my name is Sasha and my name means protector of men! im a brown haired and im super friendly!
Hi,my name is Sasha( obviously) and im a blonde. Lots of people think just because I'm blonde I'm stupid bit not really because I have a 92.49 average. Sasha means the protector of man-kind and I actually kinda like that. It's actually kinda funny cause as a joke my friends say come here im getting bullied by Jerry or someone and of course me the PROTECTER of man kind comes and rescues them. Lol well so I love puppies,I hate sushi,and I love to dance, ohh and I also play the piano
Sasha is protector, as I've read before, but the name in the way my mom described it was feisty. She thought of it, not as just a word but a likeness. Oddly enough it was to rhyme with Mufasa... Yes the lion. So in all the name Sasha has truly no meaning. Sasha is just a word, the one who give it meaning is you. It may describe another word like protector, but in reality you give it your own meaning, because I don't want to protect man kind, and I won't. Won't protect man either. It is just a word, until you make it something different and fitting to yourself.
Lovely and can always be trusted
Hi my name is Sasha & I have brown/black hair I am mixed with arabian and black . I am a girl .
sasha means to keep peop[e safe and protector
Hi I'm Sasha and I have brown hairI think Sasha is quite active and likes to express her emotions
hi! my name is sasha and I believe it means protector of men wich makes perfect sense because I am a female archer and am wiser then most boys I know
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