Meaning of the name Sasha:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Russian
sash means beautiful a bit bossy and strict but is very caring
my name is sasha and im verry cool i am 11 years old and i have the hotest boy freind i can be verry mean and am not scared ofenny body i am in foster care becuse of my dad and my mom dident want me but ilove my name so never chang it
my doll is named sasha I love her :3
Hi my name is sasha I not bossy and am careing and i love my name is because all of my friends make nickname for it :) like me love you sooshi
it means to protect men
sasha means to keep peop[e safe and protector
Hi I am sasha I have brown hair worry alot and love animals
Hi my name is Sasha and i have red hair, brown eyes, and I love to challenge all my boy friends to sports! Uh and Sasha stands for protecter of man kind
im a Sasha too, brown hair..and "protecter of man kind" reminds me of the maximum ride series
wsp!!my name is sasha i dnt like it becuz it means defender of men.. wht!! y should i defend men they should defend me.. ughh,, nd ohh who cares if ur friends name is sasha no one asked u,u dck head.. :P
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