Meaning of the name Sasha:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Russian
sash means beautiful a bit bossy and strict but is very caring
my name is sasha and im verry cool i am 11 years old and i have the hotest boy freind i can be verry mean and am not scared ofenny body i am in foster care becuse of my dad and my mom dident want me but ilove my name so never chang it
my doll is named sasha I love her :3
Hi my name is sasha I not bossy and am careing and i love my name is because all of my friends make nickname for it :) like me love you sooshi
it means to protect men
sasha means to keep peop[e safe and protector
Hi I am sasha I have brown hair worry alot and love animals
Hi my name is Sasha and i have red hair, brown eyes, and I love to challenge all my boy friends to sports! Uh and Sasha stands for protecter of man kind
im a Sasha too, brown hair..and "protecter of man kind" reminds me of the maximum ride series
weird smart cretive carying loving gorguse and more and normally the females love drawing made up creatures
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