Meaning of the name Savannah:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
sweet, kind, intellegent, funny, beautiful, goddess like
She is my best friend and i love her to death. Please dont diss her name . SHe is awesome and is not stupid or anything she can be mean and stuff but we all can .I would not trade her for the world
loving person who is humbleand honesy very nice intellengent funny active and blessing to have around
Savannah is loving and kind....every Savannah should! The name is so beautiful you like have to have a good personality to live up to it!
savannah means smart inrellagent and pretty. So ppl who said this names is awful think again!!!
my name is Savannah and i think my name is weired but now i dont now i know other people have the same name i love being the only peorson in the school with the name savannah so i dont have to wright my last name. i love anyone called savannah. xxxx
my name means WONDERFULNESS :) i am outgoing sense of style, looking for diversity in everything i do. im not going to lie i am a fiesty one but that just makes me unique
mean scary but pretty and my younger sister she is 4
My name is Savannah. I have many friends and I know that they care for and cherish me. Every single Savannah out there, we love our name. I believe that our name means pure-hearted, outgoing, wondrous, sweet, kind, and hopeful. Our name can shine a light! We must embrace our name. I love you guys!
My name is savannah I have brown curly hair have lots of friends I don't like when talk about me badly I do have glrear endes but it's doent mean I'm stupid or anythin I'm just Savannah and mabey I'm better than all u Savanah I said mabey and for all u ppl need to stop writing theese gross things I don't do that
My name is savannah im popular i have dark brown hair straight and thin people call me pretty all the time im a cheerleader i gess im smart i have all As except for one B :) I ALSO PLAY VOLLY BALL I LOVE MY NAME!!! so evry one that dosent oweell get over it its my name not yours so why do u care?
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