Meaning of the name Shaina:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Yiddish
shaina means beautiful
my best friend is shaina and she is funny sweet and everyone loves her
Gender: FemaleUsage:EnglishMeaning: Beautiful lovey girlBeautiful,smart,kind,lovely shes lovey! oh yes huh giirrrrl. shes beautiful
my name is shaina:) now i know what it means. and im not conceided but people do feel i am beautiful, kind hearted, and loving, and smart.. and even lovey
It means beautiful. I also didnt think they wouldnt havve my name because i can never find it any where but hey do!!
a good friend, good at sails, a beutiful person inside and out and N-O-T not a stupid blond
my name is shaina i was looking what shaina mean :)lol
My name is Shaina and i think it means funny beautiful, and smart.
i think that this is a hekka bomb name=] this girl means a lot to me and my family.
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