Meaning of the name Sharlene:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
sharlene is a really cute girl with long curly brown hair and dark brown lovey eyes with very kissable lips
Sharlene means lovey loving and adorable has a gentle heart cares abut everyone first comes her family then her friends then comes her and she's a lovey person doesn't let others words get to her doesn't like to be annoyed and loves children.
rude person. mean atpillowude
very kind and virtuous person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sharlene means that she's cute with brown curly hair and mabey green or brown bold eyes and middle sized lips witch are good for kissing xxx
humble and kind person. how do i know well my name is sharlene!!!!!!!!!!!!
usualy a smart person that is willing to help others.(when she feels like it)
beautiful and spontanious with a lot of character and personality. wants to have fun and is self determined/strong minded. mother like, have a lot of haters, role model, driven, smart and cares about others, drama free, wants to solve problems in life, is one of the most BEST name in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-))))))))))))))))
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