Meaning of the name Shaun:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
shaun is cute and cool
i love a boy called shaun
shaun is my little cozins name.hes really cute
preetttyy coool [;
shaun is lovey and a hot boy i want to marry him
it means intelegents, love, caring, and talented all wrapped up in to one person who to other at times seems crazy but will exceed all expecttions in time
My name is Shaun and God's grace has been bestowed upon me in this life. That means all this Irish luck and having everything find its way to me is all thanks to my name sake LOL. Very awesome indeed
it means a great dad who is so caring
Has the worlds biggest dogs.
it means comprear endion, love, sensitivity, creativity, and lonliness all in one person. this person may be misunderstood at time and thought of as crazy but will exceed all limits and excpectatons set on the person which at one time held the person back. its someone who will do anything daring to prove things to others but is scared to do things for himself. someone who fights all battles but his and need someone else to fight his for him but will always be there when he is needed
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