Meaning of the name Shaun:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
i love a boy called shaun
shaun is my little cozins name.hes really cute
shaun is cute and cool
preetttyy coool [;
shaun is lovey and a hot boy i want to marry him
this is stupid this didnt tell me anything about my name
it means intelegents, love, caring, and talented all wrapped up in to one person who to other at times seems crazy but will exceed all expecttions in time
Shaun is the loveiest beast i have ever met, shaun mello that is, the only lovey man named shaun in the world. He holds the record for the worlds largest dog.
Has the worlds biggest dogs.
Shaun is a guy I know and he is a complete douchbag!!!! :p oh and my baby dad and he denies him/her. A** muncher
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