Meaning of the name Shawn:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
It means GOD IS GRACIOUS!!!!
it means shawn rocks yes a shawn wrote this
(~_-) lovely
it means gods gift... btw my name is shawn 15 ;)
shawn is my brother and he is an awesome little brother!!!
it means a caring,helpful,loving gentleman
think it means nice thout full and creative if u no wat i mean
a fine person flatout
the most caring person you'll ever meet :) (shawn's the name of my bf)
lol im shawn
water the flowers. if you do not want to, do the dishes. if you do not want to do that either, then write a letter and send it. if you do not want to that, type a story and show it to a friend. if you do not want to do that...YOUR STUBBORN. SHAWN IS AN OUTLIER.
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