Meaning of the name Shekinah:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Various
you should love her
present from god
pretty very godly popular a loveable person whoever has this name please value it cause it is very pretty and meaningful
beatuilful and is a gift from god and is a asome friend that is true to the world and couldnt care less what anybody else thinks
this name means glory. alyuh is sooooooooooooo wrong but some of them are true.
that is my name!! and it means glory present from god
the name shekinah is my name and it means the bright ness of god and when god showed up was shown with shekinah glory and it also means the explotion of god i think that my name and other people that have that name should live up to it and be the person to glow and bnrighten up the rom when there is darkness and that is what i have to say about my name and i am 12 Years old
my lovei gf who i love 4ever
God's manifested glory, and someone you shouldn't mess with
i think it was a cloud that led the children of Isreal out of Egypt. Also called the Shekinah Glory Cloud i think.
she could go kill someone and it be okay because she is shekinah
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