Meaning of the name Simeon:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Biblical, Bulgarian
Cutest boy in the universe
I know a simeon he's cool dosn't mess with anyone but he will fight you if you mess with him .
I Love Him To Death!!:)
Ive heard it meaning multiple different things... "monkey love" & "he who hears", mainly. and i also agree with the first person, if you're a simeon ur totaly smokin'!;)
My name simeon nick name sim love my name so...
Way hot dude who is smart and funny!:)
A cool smart simeon if that's what yall mean .
yea i agree with the first response I know a cute simeon doe .
Amusing yet smart sometimes nerdy but you can't help hanging with him
Simeon mean cute Average brained guy
you know what I just got anger manangement clrear end say one !!*& thing about my motha%^#! name i'ma kick yo #$(*
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